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A hockey community with a writing problem or a writing community with a hockey problem. Be the judge

Welcome to HockeyChallenge!
This is a Hockey Fanfiction challenge community. Every week, a new prompt is administered, and you have one week to write with that prompt using a player or pairing that you have claimed.

Where to start:
1) Join the community. (Duh.)
2) Go to this post and comment with the player/pairing that you wish to claim (make sure to say what team the player(s) are from.) Don't forget to check this post first to make sure your claim hasn't already been taken.
3) Wait for one of the mods to accept your claim, and then go ahead and start posting. And don't forget to go to here to get all the details about introducing us to your otp choice.

Still confused? Ask your questions here. One of our lovely mods will be more than happy to help you. :D

1) Don't disrespect the mods, other members or any players/teams. This includes flaming people's posts. Don't do it or we'll have to ban you, and no one wants that.
2)For Claims, you can either have one pairing, or 2 individual players. Yes you can use the same player if it's for a different pairing. Like, if someone claimed Sidney Crosby, and you wanted to claim Sidney Crosby/ Alex Ovechkin, or if someone claimed Sid/Alex and you wanted to do like Sid/Mario or something, that's fine. Mods will get to claim 2 pairings, cause that's just how we roll.
2.5) If some other otp has taken over your brain and you can no longer write the one you've claimed then you can request to drop your existing claim and pick up a new one. Just don't do it every week 'cause that takes the fun out of making the prompt work for your pairing.
3) Please put your posts behind an lj-cut, so as not to take over people's friends pages and also to keep any inappropriate content out of sight for those who don't want to read it.
4) Try and post each week with your claim/pairing (unless the prompt that week calls so strongly to another claim, in which case, you'd have to ask whoever has that claim for permission to use it.) We understand that writer's block bites everyone at some point so that's why the operative word is try to post each week. ;) We ask for a minimum of posting once a month, that's not so bad. We just want to keep it active. If you miss a week but still want to do it's challenge you can, but only after completing the current week's prompt. The point of this community is to challenge you to write something new each week, after all :)
5) Please proof read your posts, it takes 5 minutes but you can catch a lot of unnecessary spelling mistakes this way. Or just run it through a spell check.
6) Please use the standard introduction to all of your posts so people know what's in it:

Disclaimer (yes! we *all* know):
Summary (if you'd like):

7) Please tag your entries with the players in it and the teams. You can choose to also tag it with your username and rating if you'd like. This just helps people find all your posts if they want to read more of your stuff.
8) Slash isn't your cup of tea? Well then kindly sod off.

If you're at all uncomfortable with it, I suggest you stay away from the NC-17 posts :P
9) We've decided to make this a Members only community, so if you could all be darlings and flock your posts so the mods don't have to go back and do it for you, that would be excellent.